Thanks to all for coming to my CD launch.

What an amazing night last night was!

It was very special performing 'El Asunto del Tango' with my fellow musicians for such a receptive and enthusiastic audience.
Thank you so much to all the saxophone players, tangueros, fellow musos, students, friends and family that came along to support us.

A special thanks to Daniel Rojas, Michael Kluger and Isabella Brown for their amazing work on the CD and last night, its a true privilege playing with you.

The biggest thank you must go to Carmen Nieves, my beautiful wife without whom none of this could have happened. Her incredible musical input and performance is inspiring, her dedication to the project and diligent work ethic unmatched and her creativity and care to make last night the amazing event it was for all shows her incredible energy.

We hope you enjoyed the event and ask you to please leave any comments about the event and/or CD on the El Asunto del Tango facebook page.