2019 Summer School

Im very excited that our company the Saxophone Academy Sydney will be hosting our 9th Annual Summer School next week, can you believe it!! The summer school has become an icon of saxophone education here in Australia and has provided  world class saxophone education and opportunities to over 300 students. Our guest tutors have included many amazing saxophonists from around the globe.

2011 - James Nightingale AUS

2012 - Christina Leonard AUS

2013 - Michael Duke AUS

2014 - Barry Cockcroft AUS

2015 - Niels Bijl NL

2016 - Fernando Ramos PT

2017 - Joan Marti Frasquier ESP

2018 - Australasian Saxophone Quartet AUS/NZ

2019 - Lachlan Davidson AUS

A veey special thanks must also be given to ur local heros whonhave regularly tutored at the summer school. Nathan Henshaw, Nick Russoniello, Andrew Smith, Ben Carey.


2019 is a very special year. It will be the first year we have a jazz specialist and composer as our featured artist, a phenomenal opportunity for the students to experience something truly special.

Exciting times.