Is your child 'set-up' for Success? Part 1.



The reed is the most integral piece of equipment for your saxophone and will have the greatest effect on the quality of sound and response of the instrument. Proper care and maintenance of the reed is essential to ensure that you are getting the best out of your saxophone. The reed should be removed from the mouthpiece after every playing and should be kept flat and dry. The best solution for this is a quality reed case such as the Daddario reed case or other available product. 


As a beginner, you will need a reed that will provide a quality sound and response yet will not be too expensive, as any reed that is cracked or chipped should be disposed of. 

At the Saxophone Academy Sydney we strongly recommend the Rico Royal reeds for this level. Strength 2 is the ideal reed to start on and once the student begins to play low C and notes above high C they should progress to 2.5 reeds. 

Once a student has been playing for a number of years and has completed the first series of AMEB exams (up to Grade 4) we recommend students progress to a higher quality reed which will enable them to produce a warmer richer tone and achieve a faster response. We suggest D’addario Reserve reeds. Vandoren blue box reeds are also a good alternative for this level. 

Jazz reeds such as D’addario Jazz Select, Plasticover, Vandoren Java and Vandoren V16 should be reserved for advanced players performing with jazz style mouthpieces. These reeds used on a classical or traditional mouthpieces will create a thin buzzy sound that will not be pleasing or appropriate for AMEB examinations or school bands.